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The Cult of Streetwear - A booming phenomenon

18 Dec , 2019

Streetwear or urban fashion is revolutionizing the textile trade worldwide. The conclusion of the experts is that urban fashion is one of the trends in the retail world that is gaining more momentum, targetting young people looking for exclusive products. They value the importance of combining online and offline and, they are committed to diversity and price competitiveness.

Today, fashion has opened new horizons and a sweatshirt is no longer just a sportswear. That can be carried in various situations gives it versatility and, therefore, offers added value.

A booming phenomenon
In recent years, the emergence of this phenomenon focused on “casual” clothes such as t-shirts, sweatshirts and sneakers inspired by hip hop, skate, graffiti, has been done with an important part of the market. The data suggest that streetwear accounts for 10% of the world textile and footwear market.

On the other hand, the emergence of urban fashion is influencing several areas, such as production, sale, and promotion. Its revolution has reached such a point that it has made brands that a priori do not have any kind of relationship, juxtapose. Luxury brands and sportswear brands have intermingled. For example, Louis Vuitton now offers a range of products that are out of its traditional catalog: sweatshirts, shoes, etc.

Experts conclude that there are 5 keys to go far in the urban fashion market: Be authentic The shortage explodes Be aware: social matters ... and much. Design affordable and versatile garments. Connect online and offline. In conclusion, the information extracted in this report reveals that the growth of urban fashion has consolidated and is expected to continue to increase since 76% of the industry professionals surveyed believe that this market will continue to rise in the next five years.


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